How to open a company in Estonia?

Surely you want to know how to open your business here in Estonia, payless taxes, or have more ease in managing your company. I am going to explain you step by step how you can do it and what are the advantages to open a company here in Estonia. In Estonia you can start your business totally remote as an e-resident from anywhere in the world and 100% digital.

open a company in estonia

In case you didn’t know Estonia was in the Guinness Book of Records by the ease it gives you to open your business that you can open in just 18 minutes. But obviously you can’t start your business so fast despite that the government makes everything easier for you, it will take a few hours to complete all the information in thegovernment page and open your business here in Estonia.

When you start the process the first thing you’re going to need and you’re going to want to know is to enter the Estonian government website for businesses. It is a specific portal where are you going to be able to enter the whole documentation and start the process of registration of your company in the country.

The first step will be to register the name of your company in the country and it is very important that you only use latin letters and do not use any type of other character that is not accepted to register your company in the country.

When you already have the name of the company and start to register you will need to know three very important things:

  1. The first is that you will have to pay 190 euros which is a state fee for starting your business registration.
  2. The second information you need to have is details about the structure of your business and the area of ​​operation of your company, industry or sector that you are going to dedicate.
  3. And of course last and third step – you will need an address and a contact person here in Estonia. Obviously you are thinking if you are from another country where are you going to get a contact from here. Don’t worry if you don’t have one person or an address that represent you in the country. There are a number of providors in the country that will be able to help with that. They are totally digital and obviously you will hire them from anywhere in the world without needing you to be here in the country. Another thing is that you will be able to manage your entire business 100% remotely. But of course when you are registering your company everything you need to start is a physical address here in the country. If you are choosing a provider service it does not actually mean that you’re going to give up any kind of control about your company. These providers are 100% digital and they will help you manage your businessfrom outside from another country. They will represent you here but they will not make any kind of decision about your company. Management will always be on the owner of the company, so do not worry because these services are totally safe and you will be able to hire and use it withoutany problem. Although it is not obligatory and I also don’t think you need to have an accountant. But it is recommended that you have one and that you hire one because you have to know all the law, all the tax law of the country and well you have to be according to Estonian compliancy. That is why it is very important that you really hire one, even if you don’t need it. Out there you may think that it can be very expensive to run your business if you have to hire accountants and all other digital providers. But not all, on the contrary. Estonia apartfrom facilitating the opening of your company, it makes the costs also very easy for you. A provider service costs between 60 and 100 euros per month depending on the service that you hire and they will be able to give you all the information you need regarding the law and do not to have a problem with the country.

The majority of e-residents who end up opening the business here in the country end choosing Estonia because apart from being very easy to open your company, it is much cheaper to administer it. Taxes here are much lower and monthly costs of managing the business are also more accessible. For this reason, 90% of e-residents who live here, hire digital providers, because it is a much easier way to manage your business. You will also find the government page, where you can start registering your company and start the process. I also indicate that you read a little more on the matter and that you look at the other available videos that are in the Estonian government’s own portal for businesses.

The type of business entity most common in Estonia and most registered and the one that e-residents most use when registering their company here in Estonia are the limited companies or better known as – the type of company that is registered most here and what is the most convenient for those who want to register their company digitally from outside of Estonia. Of course there are other types of business entities that can be registered here, but the most common and the one that best serves all the needs of all entrepreneurs, is the one that I just mentioned.

When you are ready to register your business in the portal I also recommend that you contact digital providers here in Estonia – they are going to help you to open a company in Estonia and they will advise you in the best possible way for you to have a full record without any problems.

Remember something very important – before registering your company you need one address in the country and that you are already registered as a digital citizen and have the digital package, because at some point when you are registering your company you will need access to your digital data to finalize or conclude the registration of your company.

During the registration of your company you are going to answer a series of business related questions

  • the type of industry
  • what type of business you are opening
  • what is your interest with business

You will see a series of questions related to your company that you will have to complete to finish the process.

The minimum capital you need to open your business is 2,500 euros. You don’t need to pay the 2500 euros to the government, it is not a type of fee or some type of cost that are you going to have. It is 2500 euros that you have to have available and what you will be able to invest in equipment, computer, table, anything you need to run your business, but it’s 2,500 euros that you are going to need in order to register your company and start your business.

If you have any kind of doubt or additional question here is an email, that I want to leave it here on the screen so you can communicate and send all the doubts you want. They respond in English: [email protected]. Any kind of doubt in registering your business – send to them, communicate. They are going to help you because the country has the doors open for you to start your business here in Estonia.